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Meet Shan


Who Am I? 

I was born in Detroit, MI but was raised in Tuscaloosa, AL (ROLL TIDE!!) I'm actually not a football fan at all,  but being from Tuscaloosa I feel obliged:) I went to college at the University of Alabama in Huntsville where I studied Computer Engineering, thereafter moving to Atlanta, GA in 2015 post graduation to pursue my career in the field.  Although a very stable career choice, I knew deep down that was not my life's passion. Fitness has always been something I've heavily identified with since high school; however, let's not get this confused...I am HORRID at sports. That's typically a question I get asked when I say that so I just wanted to make that disclaimer lol! But aside from that, I've always enjoyed working out and experiencing that "feel good" pain you get from it. It's what I do to relax and forget about any and everything  stressful in my life.....kind of like my personal form of therapy. I also love feeling strong, empowered, and seeing all of the hard work I put in come to fruition through my results. But even more importantly than the aesthetics, I want to be an example for others to lead a healthy lifestyle. I know we all want to grow old one day with no health issues, watch our kids/grandkids grow up, and still have enough mobility to get around without assistance.  All of that starts with taking care of yourself NOW. I always say health is wealth and I believe being able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor as a healthy human being is TRUE wealth. So let me help you become wealthy, book a session with me:)

My Vision

My vision for anyone I train is to always leave feeling like they got something valuable out of our session. I don't want you to always NEED me. I want to teach you how to take care of yourself physically and push yourself to your highest potential. By educating you on correct form and different styles of working out, I want you to be able to take the lessons I've taught you and one day become self-reliant if you ever want to be!

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